Zenryoku de, Aishite ii kana? ep.07

Here’s the penultimate ep! Otsu to Chiaki~ just one more to go!

I’m physically back from my trip (my soul is still somewhere in Japan lol) but I’m still trying to catch up with RL work and all, and fighting withdrawal symptoms which hit me real bad this time… Please bear with me as I try to work through and reduce the backlog of subs. Ganbarimasu!

Zenryoku de, Aishite ii kana?

Sakuraba Nanami, Takezai Terunosuke
Translation and timing by Chiaki, the rest by Mich

Episode 7 (Eng Sub)
24min 17s
Download Hardsub (263MB, 1280*720)
Download Softsub (Patrons only)


  1. anon

    welcome back! hope you have had a wonderful time and get to go there sometime soon.

    thanks for the hard work <333

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