I’ll be working on EVEN ~Kimi ni Okuru Uta~ (EVEN ~Song for you~), a 2018 movie starring Sakurada Dori, Okano Maya, Shirasu Jin, Kurihara Goro, Saikawa Koji, Bando Ryota, Sakurai Keisuke, etc.


Rin (Shirasu Jin), a popular singer, was going to propose to his girlfriend Mami (Okano Maya) but they got into an argument. He ran out of the house and collapsed on the road. Taketo (Sakurada Dori), the vocalist of an unpopular indie band “EVEN”, tried to help Rin but both got hit by an oncoming vehicle. Rin wakes up in hospital and realizes he is in Taketo’s body. He starts to write a song with the members of “EVEN” to inform Mami that he is in Taketo’s body.



Yep, another project with Sakurada Dori in it, after Watatei and Coffeevani! Purely coincidental though. I watched it and liked it. Body swap is one of my fav genres after all. Plus, the other guy is Shirasu Jin whom I’m currently in love with (just finished watching ‘Boku wa mada kimi wo aisanai koto ga dekiru’ =P) Will release 720p hardsubs, and I’m gonna take some time to work on this as I’d like to try translating all the lyrics here as well XD


  1. Screenrider

    Another good news – I´ve watched this raw (something I rarely do) and would enjoy to re-watch it with getting all the dalogues. Thank you ^-^.

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