I will be working on “Rental nan mo shinai hito” as my Spring 2020 project. This SOL drama wasn’t on my radar initially, but I chanced upon the first episode and really enjoyed it!

Synopsis (from

Moriyama Shota (Masuda Takahisa) starts a service offering himself for rent, “Anything you might need a single person for, though I can only give very basic answers.” He gets flooded with requests. “Wait for me at the finishing line for the marathon”, “Go with me to submit the divorce papers”, “Accompany me because I’m afraid to go to work” – requests simply seeking his presence and his company. One day, Moriyama receives a request from Omiya Aki (Shida Mirai) who wants him to keep her company on her last day in Tokyo. Aki was an editorial staff at a publishing company but her contract was terminated and she has to go back to her hometown of Tochigi. She cries that she has not been able to leave any mark in Tokyo, and Moriyama…


  1. Lee

    My goodness! You missed the most important part of this drama! It is based on a true story. Moriyama Shota lives in Osaka and has even written a book in Japanese about his experience thus far. The number of requests he has fulfilled so far is astronomical.

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