Fujoshi, Ukkari Gay ni Kokuru ep.04

Thanks for waiting. Here’s episode 4. Please enjoy~ ?‍❤‍?‍??

Fujoshi, Ukkari Gay ni Kokuru.

Kaneko Daichi, Fujino Ryoko, Tanihara Shosuke, Ogoe Yuuki, Naito Shuichiro…

– Translation by Mae
– Timing, QC, etc. by Mich
– Raw provided by JPTVTs

Episode 4 (Eng Sub)
29min 14s
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    1. ke brooks

      Wow deep drama so emotional. When I think that America is now so freely of opening with the LGBTQ community other countries still live in quite about it.

      1. hashihash

        maybe in conservative America it’s still not looked upon as freely. but yeah it’s more accepting, especially with younger people, in big public university settings, and big cities

  1. Fujoshi

    Thank you, cant wait for the next episodes..
    Again thank you very much for doing this, especially to us non japanese speakers..

  2. Manager B.

    I can’t wait for the next episode, the preview looked so devastating dngnghn thank you for subbing this, it’s really such an important drama for lgbtq+ youth!!

  3. katiatempest

    Andou-kun and Miura-san have a good interaction! He should keep her friendship!
    This drama is making my heart ache with so much sadness going around! It’s making me thinking how tough is the life of people that are not straight. On top of the hardships expected for any human being , come the ones due the fact of being homosexual! Too much hardship!!! And a feeling of loneliness!
    Thank you so much for the update!!

    1. Post
  4. hana

    thank you so much!! if you ever need another subber – timing, encoding, etc. (proofreader, too i guess? i would love to help!)

    1. Post

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