Closetail: Tantei Kyoushitsu ep.01

Enjoy the first episode!

Closetail: Detective Classroom

Suzuka Ouji, Hotta Mayu, Kusakawa Takuya
Translation by Ran, Timing/Edit/QC by Mich

Episode 1 (Eng Sub)
44min 12s
Download Hardsub (555MB, 1280*720)
Download Softsub (Patrons only)
*21 July 2022: Updated title and translation from “Crosstail” to “Closetail”.
*8 Dec 2022: Corrected Tasuku’s father’s name and changed his novel title translations to English.


  1. sscrla

    I am mot sure how to make a suggestion, but former AKB48 member Shinoda Mariko is in this and Shimazaki Haruka is in the currently airing Harem Marriage, which looks to be a lot of fun (nor do I know anything about how you get rights). It it based on Non’s manga of the same name.

  2. rich durbano

    Thank you for going to all that trouble. Posting subtitles must be difficult tedious work. Thanks again. Very much appreciated.

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  3. carnagar

    Hi.. I’ve just seen that you were working on this show so I’ll check it out. I imagine it must be good if you like it. Thanks so much for sharing it! 🙂

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