Coffee & Vanilla ep.02

Coffee & Vanilla

Fukuhara Haruka, Sakurada Dori, Kuroba Mario, Ogoe Yuki, Hama Shogo, Kita Noa
Episode 2 (Eng Sub)
24min 11s
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16 thoughts on “Coffee & Vanilla ep.02

  1. Thank you very much for subbing this drama! I noticed that you subbed two dramas with Sakurada Dori, if you like him I can share with you my DVD rip of one of his recent movies called “Even: Kimi ni Okuru Uta” in which he’s a singer.

    1. Hi~ yeah Sakurada Dori is also in Watatei ne 🙂 I checked out the “Even” movie and it looks interesting! If it’s not too troublesome, I’d like to watch it 😉

  2. hello if i want the archive srt of the subs to translate to spanish with your credits of course what i need

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