Ikemendomo yo Meshi wo Kue ep.06

This week’s Gourmet Boy is Patissier-san ne. His role is little special here, a little different from the usual ikemens. The next time I’m in Tokyo, I might head to Sabouru 2 in Jimbocho to try their Napolitan and cream soda lol. And… we’re halfway through the series! 6 more eps to go! Ganbarimasu p(^ ^)q

Ikemendomo yo Meshi wo Kue

Kakei Miwako, Inoue Yuki, Takenaka Naoto

Episode 6 (Eng Sub)
23min 04s
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  1. joy

    Thank you very much for episode 6. Did you notice that Ueno kun wa a younger vesion of Sato Takeru. Yoku niteimasu ne.

  2. kandy

    thanks so much for the note that there was more after the credits, would have missed it otherwise. Really enjoying this drama, can relate to the female lead who spends her time dreaming. I love Japanese food & this makes me hungry.

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