Shanai Marriage Honey ep.02

Hope you enjoy the second ep too hehe~

Shanai Marriage Honey

Itagaki Mizuki, Matsui Airi

Episode 2 (Eng Sub)
24min 05s
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  1. Lilly

    I was so looking forward to watching this episode and it didn’t disappoint at all! Thanks so much for working on these subtitles! 💖

  2. Roi Soleil

    Thanks for doing this. Quick note on the translation, in this episode the FL thinks to herself that the ML isn’t responding to “my attacks”, here you really ought to use “my advances” in place of “my attacks”. Use “my advances” rather than “my attacks” when a woman or man is referring to their making moves / coming onto / hitting on another person.

    1. roi

      Love the interaction between these two, they keep it lively.

      P.S. “Time to attack” or ‘let’s attack” etc. used elsewhere when FL is thinking to herself let’s go make a move on him etc. works perfectly, it’s only when she’s thinking her advances aren’t working etc. that my advances is the more appropriate term. I won’t bother you with anything like this anymore. Sorry for the nagging and thanks again for doing all this!

    1. Sandih

      That’s what I was thinking, but now I am wondering what complications will arise for their relationship. – And thanks to irozuku fansub – so much appreciated. I make sure every time that I see it on YouTube, I post a link to your site. I am mostly waiting on Cherry Magic (but patiently – happy and safe moving to you).

  3. cindybr

    He is able to hear/read her thoughts/mind, right ? Or I’m confused? lol Seems like it…. he is able to hear people thoughts.

    Thanks for subbing!!

    I’m enjoying it but the main girl acting sometimes feels so stiff… when she tries to act cute seems like the actress is having a hard time or cringing inside? Does not feel natural IDK…

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