Fujoshi, Ukkari Gay ni Kokuru ep.07

Fujoshi, Ukkari Gay ni Kokuru.

Kaneko Daichi, Fujino Ryoko, Tanihara Shosuke, Ogoe Yuuki, Naito Shuichiro…
– Translation by Mae
– Timing, QC, etc. by Mich
– Raw provided by JPTVTs

Episode 7 (Eng Sub)
29min 00s
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20 thoughts on “Fujoshi, Ukkari Gay ni Kokuru ep.07

  1. Thank you so much! This episode is really an eye-opener. At first, I was bit confused as why Jun said he loves Miura despite him being gay. I was curious so I did some searching on the internet and found out that such couple actually does exist! 😳 (they are called ‘mixed orientation’ couple). Some of them kept the relationship just for a lavender marriage, while some do love their partners genuinely despite knowing the “different” sexuality in one or both of them. Apparently, there are 7 categories of that divide sexual orientation, according to Klein Sexual Orientation Grid. The categories are: attraction, behavior, fantasies, emotional preference, social preference, lifestyle, and self-identification. For example, a man can have a sexual attraction to a man, but only feel an emotional preference for women. It could also be a man who enjoy sexual contact with man but only fantasize about women. There are so many possibilities! Unfortunately, majority of people still believes that sexual attraction predates our heart-to-heart connection (eg. it’s impossible for a gay man to feel a deep affection on a woman because they had sex with men, etc etc). But I believe us humans are more complex than that. Just like what Jun said, we assume there is zero friction and air resistance because we want make it simpler and enable us to understand physics. Sex orientation is more fluid and full of variety than we thought. Thank you Mae-san and Mich-san for the great sub! I would’ve not learned all these things if it’s not because of your dorama translations!

    Source: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/standard-deviations/201605/sexuality-is-much-more-fluid-you-think

    1. Wow, you’ve actually looked it up! Thank you for the info and the link, very informative πŸ™‚

      I used to think that it was just non compatible relatiosnhip where one or both partners suffer, sooner or later, and break up quickly. I even thought that maybe it was merely the mangaka’s wild imagination… sort of like “what if this happened” thing. But now I see that it is a thing.

  2. Fujoshi, Ukkari Gay ni Kokuru.This drama is what brought me here to your website, it and what you ate yesterday is a great outlook on the mental state of the real world and it people, thank for NOT dropping, it has a I fear.
    The next ep is the final correct??.
    sorry couldn’t buy you coffee for your time and sub but next >_<

  3. Thank you for translating, you’re doing a great job as usual πŸ™‚

    I kinda stopped watching after reading the manga, the ending is so sad… :(( but i’ll resume waching the drama, eventually ^^

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