silent ep.04

A couple of notes this time. The 2nd one is a bit spoilery!

  1. There are more sign language conversations in this ep compared to the previous 3 eps, and once again I tried translating from JSL so they may differ a little from the onscreen Japanese subs.
  2. There are a few ways to interpret that line at 40:14 and I was having a hard time because it’s such an important line. I wish I could peek into Minato’s brain lol. But I’ve decided to go with what I understood the first time I watched the ep. This means that I may have to come back and edit that line later lol.

That’s all. Please enjoy! (•‿•)


Kawaguchi Haruna, Meguro Ren, Suzuka Ouji

Episode 4 (Eng Sub)
46min 22s
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  1. carnagar

    Thanks so much for your hard work. Besides, this show has extra challenges as you explain. I think this series is really amazing 😉

  2. David

    Thank you for your hard work! And I totally agree with you on the line at 40:14. If my hunch is correct though he’s most likely speaking from another person’s perspective…

  3. Hiro

    Wow…I’m VERY impressed with your translation. I’m a native Japanese speaker and I was curious how the last part would be translated as so many subjects were omitted… You nailed it!!;)

  4. Kyou

    Thank you so much as always! This drama has been an absolute highlight this season and I look forward to it every week! 😀

    The show also just released a special bonus episode today. Really hoping you’ll be able to sub that too if you get the chance! ^^

  5. Yuki-Ichigo

    Thank you so much! Another emotional episode, but I like this show so much <3
    About the words at 40:14: At first I was like "Whaaat?", but then it occured to me that it's the same words Sou-kun used – see their conversation at the end of ep02. So we all know what he meant (泣)

  6. Katie Brisska

    ?We are content with your hard work. Thank you for choosing Silent. We cry a river each episode but it’s a well written story.

    1. Amelia

      I liked the line you eventually chose for 40:14 because of the impact of minato using the exact same words as sou for the break up. It’s also probably this meaning from tsumugi’s point of view.

    2. Aya

      Thank you so much for subbing this drama. It definitely made you give more effort but because of that, I could understand it. Although I could understand daily conversations, my reading skills is bad so this definitely helped a lot.

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