silent ep.08

There will be a total of 11 eps, so 3 more to go after this!

As expected, I took a longer time with this ep due to its extended duration. I think the final ep may be extended as well. We’ll see. After watching this, I just wanted to eat pudding lol. Also, I’d join the Make Minato Happy Squad if there’s one lol. Judging from the preview, the next ep would be a cryfest though. I’m not sure if I’m ready, but ganbarimasu! Have a great week, everyone!


Kawaguchi Haruna, Meguro Ren, Suzuka Ouji

Episode 8 (Eng Sub)
57min 24s
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      1. kakashi

        I LOVE this series to death (and thank you for translating it as always), but why does Sou’s mom always have to appear onscreen wearing an apron? she is literally folding laundry in one of the scenes wearing it. is that the only way the director can show us that she is the mom? i find it so funny tbh

  1. oldfashioned

    Thank you. This was such a lovely episode. I know now how to sign pudding 🙂 Next week’s ep is going to be heartbreaking.

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