Tonari no Nurse Aide ep.02

Here’s ep2! I hope that Mio and Taiga-sensei will add a bit of fun to your mid-week!

I have just one t/note for this ep (you can read this after watching the ep!).
I still remember how, the first time I watched this back in Jan, I searched for the term シムネス (shimunesu) right after this ep ended and saw many others asking the same question. Turns out it’s a fictional disease in the original novel. According to the official x account, it’s where “multiple malignant tumors occur simultaneously throughout the body. Even if all tumors are removed, new ones will soon develop, leading invariably to the patient’s death.” I’ve translated it as SYMMNES, short for Systemic Multiple Malignant Neoplasms Syndrome. I was debating between SMMNS and SYMMNES but went for the latter as it sounds closer to the Japanese pronunciation : )

Tonari no Nurse Aide

Kawaei Rina, Takasugi Mahiro

Episode 2 (Eng Sub)
51min 20s
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  1. 2012beginer

    its crazy how no one translate this drama when it actually looks so captiving !
    thank you for your sub , its hard to wait this long but what can i say

  2. Lillostration Lizar

    This dorama is truly noteworthy! Thank you for subbing episode 2. The dating rumor added to the fun and we get to see the medical geek having a secret of her own. Love it!

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