I’m intending to sub “Analog” starring Nino and Haru. It was one of two movies that made me cry in the theatre recently. Nino’s acting was what did it for me… I even bought the novel to read lol. My dvd will likely arrive next month but I’ll start working on it if the raw comes out earlier.

Synopsis (from

Mizushima Satoru (Ninomiya Kazunari), a designer hung up on creating models and illustrations by hand, meets a mysterious woman named Miyuki (Haru) at a cafe called Piano. Sharing similar values, Satoru is taken by her, but he comes to find out that she doesn’t have a cell phone after readying himself to ask for her number! They agree to meet at the cafe every Thursday, slowly deepening their relationship–so much so that Satoru feels strongly enough to propose. But on that very day, Miyuki doesn’t show up…

Based on the romance novel by Beat Takeshi.


  1. angel

    Cool, i hope you guys can pick up the adaptation of “how to grill our love” (Yaiteru Futari) when it comes out 🙂

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