Yami Baito Kazoku ep.09

I started IrozukuSubs on 17 Mar 2019 so it’s our 5th anniversary today! I might make an announcement later today but first please enjoy this 9th ep 🙂

A couple of notes for this ep:

  • V-cinema: Toei’s direct-to-video films; films that were released straight on home video format rather than in theatres or on TV.
  • Tokyo Friend Park II (TFP2) was a game show that aired weekly on TV from 1994 to 2011 where contestants would play games (like “Wall Crash” and “Fool on the Hill” – I loved these lol). For the big challenge at the end, the contestants usually traded in their coins for a try at the darts board where they could win a variety of prizes from scrubbing brush (the joke prize) to a car. There was a period of time when the Mitsubishi Pajero was the grand prize and the audience would clap and chant “Pajero! Pajero!” while the contestant throws the dart.

Yami Baito Kazoku
Suzuka Ouji, Yamamoto Maika, Mitsuishi Ken

Episode 9 (Eng Sub)
30min 02s
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