Two Weeks ep.01-03

As promised, I’m releasing the first three eps of Two Weeks at the same time. The first two eps were translated by Mzasubber and edited by me (fyi, what I fixed: naming convention, missing lines, shorten lines, timing tweaks and some corrections). Ep3 was translated by both of us, and I did the rest of the stuff.

Warning: Please only watch this series when you are ready.

Two Weeks (Eng Sub)

Miura Haruma, Yoshine Kyoko, Higa Manami, Miura Takahiro, Takashima Masanobu, Kuroki Hitomi…
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  1. joy

    Wow this is a big surprise! 3 episodes. Thank you very much for the hard work. I can watch this series now. I miss Miura kun and really will miss his presence in JEntertainment. Keep safe ne.

  2. Christa

    Thank you so much for subbing! I’m downloading but honestly not sure if I’m ready to watch yet. I still can’t believe Haruma is gone…

  3. EJX

    Thanks again for this! I miss you, Haruma-kun! I hope you are resting in peace.

    I hope to see all the episodes fully subbed!

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