Happy New Year! Just wanted to make a quick announcement that we will be subbing the movie Character starring Suda Masaki. Je will translate and I will handle the rest of the work. Yoroshiku ne!


Yamashiro Keigo (Suda Masaki) dreams of becoming a successful manga artist. Despite being very talented in drawing, he is not able to draw realistic villains due to his overly good-natured personality, thus he is stuck being assistant to a manga artist. One day, at the request of his boss, Keigo sets out to sketch “a house that would look happy to anyone who sees it”. He finds a house with a mysterious charm and steps inside by chance. But what he sees there are the dead bodies of a family, and a mysterious man…


  1. NBK

    I saw the trailer more than a year ago on Facebook and I have been waiting for this movie to come out ever since that day. I’m a fan of Shun after watching him from Crows Zero

  2. kat

    omg yes! i was looking who was going to sub this movie since i saw it a long time, thank you so much for picking it up ?

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