Announcement & updates

First, a quick announcement: I’ll be subbing the Kingdom 2 movie. I know there are some subs out there already but I have decided to continue at my own pace, since I have already started working on it ^-^. No ETA though, as I’ll be travelling in a few days time and will be away for over 2 weeks.

Now for status updates of current projects:

  • Closetail final ep is my current priority. I’ve finished timing and about 25% done with translation.
  • I’ve finished timing Hoshizora but the lack of jp subs is slowing me down so will KIV for the time being.
  • I’ve finished timing NagaiShashin but haven’t really started translating.
  • Chiaki is about 50% done with translation for ep2 of HanzaiNikki (collab project).

I doubt I’d be able to finish any of these before my flight, but I’ll continue working on them whenever I have time. Once I’m back from my trip, my (real life job) transfer will most likely be in place and I expect to be really busy in the coming months. Hence I probably will not pick up any winter dramas for subbing.

In addition to the above, I’m also working on two “secret projects” at the moment. One is a coming-of-age movie from 2021 and another is a drama series from 2010. That’s about the only hints I can give. Not making any announcements yet as I do not want to give myself additional stress ^-^


  1. joy

    “secret projects” wow So excited! Thank you so much for the updates, looking forward, but take your time, we can wait. enjoy your life.

  2. Liia

    Could you please try to sub “fukumen d”? I really wanna watch it with subs but I can only find it raw. Pretty please!!
    Keep up the good work!!

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