Ikemendomo yo Meshi wo Kue ep.12 (Final)

Thank you for waiting~ Here’s the final episode! I really enjoyed subbing this for the past 12 weeks. I hope you have enjoyed watching too! If you’re curious, the opening theme is Gu-Gu-Gu by Dannie May and the ending theme is Kokoro wo Terase! by ChoQMay ???

Ikemendomo yo Meshi wo Kue

Kakei Miwako, Inoue Yuki, Takenaka Naoto

Episode 12 (Final) (Eng Sub)
22min 49s
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  1. kandy

    this was such fun to watch…also every episode made me hungry! It seems like it left the series open. Was/will ther be a second season?

  2. Yuki-Ichigo

    Thank you so much for finishing this series!
    When I first started I thought it was pretty weird (maybe it is ^^), but I still came back for every episode XD
    There’s still some food from the opening sequence I’d hoped they would introduce, because it looked so good…!

  3. FGB4877

    Thanks for your hard work, and greetings to Mich!.

    I find Kakei Miwako (FL) incredibly beautiful. To know she can be adorable and have good comedic timing at the same time is great as she can expand her presence in media.

    As for the people that find her fantasizing annoying, that is exactly the point!. Being an “Otaku” in Japan is a pejorative term as it describes a person that is so enthralled in its fantasies to the point of losing contact with reality (and creepy to interact with).

    If she did make her move, she could have talked to the guy she used to like in High School during the Neapolitan Pasta episode… but nooooo!!!, she had her delusion to become an obstacle, froze when faced the opportunity and we get dismayed as she could have found that he liked her back. An incredibly beautiful chance meeting that could have become a romantic comedy in its own right thwarted.

    Also her indecision in finding a partner as she is shopping for an ikemen (a purely aesthetic pursuit), not even touching the surface and not even getting an idea of what the person she is fantasizing about is really like (I get the vibe that she does not know the people she has worked with for a long time, while her boss that has the hots for her really understands her). That is why I loved her kindergarten friend calling her out on that.

    Again, it was a pleasure to watch this Drama and thanks for your hard work! =D

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