Nishiogikubo Mitsuboshi Youshudou ep.04

This was a nice episode too. I think 3 & 4 are my fav so far. Right after watching this, I searched for “canned whelk” on my groceries app lol. Also, I was surprised to see an email just now that someone has gifted me a Ko-fi Gold subscription (thank you, Kyle!). While waiting for the file to upload, I played around with the settings a bit and ended up changing the coffee counter to something else 🍙🤭

Nishiogikubo Mitsuboshi Youshudou

Machida Keita, Fujiwara Kisetsu, Morisaki Win

Episode 4 (Eng Sub)
Guest: Kaji Yuki, Kokubo Toshihito
24min 06s
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9 thoughts on “Nishiogikubo Mitsuboshi Youshudou ep.04

  1. Thank you for subbing this. While I knew what whelk was, I would not have known about this show if you weren’t working on it. So thanks for that too!

  2. This series is really amazing, either that or my hormones are off balance. I start crying at some point and then I feel so good when it is resolved. Thanks Mich! Your translations are key and we appreciate your good work!

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