silent ep.02

I hope you enjoy the second episode, too!ヽ(*´∀`)ノ

Trivia: The birth flower of Tsumugi’s birthday (28 April) is the Japanese primrose which is called “sakurasou” (桜草). In flower language, the sakurasou represents “first love”, “longing/admiration” and “purity”.


Kawaguchi Haruna, Meguro Ren, Suzuka Ouji

Episode 2 (Eng Sub)
46min 27s
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    1. Joel Donato Jacob

      The Sign Language Teacher explains it as a reaction to losing your hearing after having had it for so long. His analogy was It was like falling in love and losing that person and wishing you had never met that person ever. So a person who loses their hearing chooses to not speak because of the grief(?)

      1. Daikonkonpanda

        yep! a lot of times people choses to not speak after they lost their hearing because they can’t hear their own words and have trouble articulating

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